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November 10, 2008


Oh that looks like a good one. I haven't heard of it, even in my teaching days!

I'll get my post up tonight! Thanks for coming up with good ideas that get my butt blogging!

:) Now if I could just find time to read more books for ME!

This book reminds me of The Dragon of an Ordinary Family, by Margaret Mahy, illus by Helen Oxenbury. A British mother tells a British father he is an old fuddy duddy, so he shows her he most certainly is not a fuddy duddy by stopping off at the pet store and buying a pet dragon for their son. Much fun ensues as the dragon gets bigger and bigger, and the ending has a fun surprise twist.

I didn't sign up for Book Week because I wasn't sure what it entailed, but now that I know, next time I will! I did blog ABC books on my blog in September, and I have a couple other book reviews (mostly for kids) sprinkled throughout.

This reminds me of the 'advice' that if you want a hamster start by asking for a horse!

I have already emailed my mother in law to bring our library's copy home for us!!

(trying to get it together to join in, I"ll email you if I manage!)

i'm going to the library tomorrow to check this book out.

i love that the mom is working out in her denim skinny capris. maybe that's my problem, or my non-flat stomach's problem....

that book looks SO familiar. I think we may have had it on loan from the library at one time...but may have gotten the spanish version (happens ALOT with my 2yo!) Will have to seek it out in english!

That sounds like a wonderful book!
I'd love to join your book week :)

so many great new books to explore! thank you so much for this!

The Best Pet of All--how have I missed it?? It looks just adorable!

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