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October 05, 2008


i totally have the same problem - want to do everything, preferably at the same time, but only finish something if i focus on one project at a time, which can be creatively stifling. hand chiseled wood clogs sound divine. love the wreath. the scarf will get one of these days. there's always time for shrinky dinks. love your drawings - i too need to figure out the whole pdf conversion thing.

i get it. just like me.

on my mac, i convert jpegs to pdfs by command-P (as though you are going to print) and then in the lower left hand corner is an option to save as pdf.

good luck.

just beautiful stuff.

enjoy fall, kristin

Those drawings are too cool. Thanks so much! I have been coveting your coasters. That sounds dirty, doesn't it? Ha!

I too suffer from tomuchshit syndrome. What the heck... It keeps it interesting, although I sure wish I finished more stuff.

*raises hand sheepishly*

I love that wreath, but I am NOT making one. Nope, not me. I'm tackling my quilt blocks, my sweaters and my blanket squares instead.

rummages around to find the leftover shrinky dink stuff....

dang, I am such an ADD crafter sometimes too.

I'm just the same. I currently have 8 or 9 projects on the go and I just bought some cotton to have a go at patchwork. I do generally get stuff finished eventually.

i have so many projects. the list really is never ending. i do try once a month to make a list of my current projects and finish at least half of them, but that doesnt stop me from adding more. to make you feel better, these are the projects on my mind currently (meaning i havent forgotten them yet):
~6 purses cut and ready to sew and load to my esty.
~1 purse not cut that i promised a friend
~halloween party invitations
~halloween kid craft projects for halloween party
~decades ATC swap
~project runway ATC swap
~christmas jar of whimsy
~purse for happy mail partner
~table runner for a friends bday (pieced, but not sewn)
~3 table runners for etsy shop (pieced, but not sewn)
~"love" ATC swap
~christmas tag swap
~stamped images swap
~the november scrapbooking class i will be teaching
~continuing my normal scrapbooks
~knitting 2 scarves for xmas
~making curtains for my son's room
~making matching softies from scraps for my son's room
~getting my nephews' and niece's (6 kids!) handprints on to canvas for a xmas gift for the BIL
~xmas greeting cards

ok. whatever else, i think i forgot. :)

i have no idea where to buy woodblocks for clog carving. i'm sure trusty google could find you a source or two. not to put any more ideas in your head or projects on your plate....

I had to check to make sure this wasn't a post I'd written.

Yes, I am suffering from that right now. I see so many cool things online it just makes me crazy and i don't get anything done. I am trying to limit myself to learning embroidery right now, but I am itching to start knitting. I need to focus on one thing, but that's beyond me right now.

if you are a dealing with craft overload, i am officially dealing with life overload. making a to-do list alone is too confusing/complicated because of the shear volume of crap to do.

lol about the wooden clogs. lol.

those felted wool wreaths are awesome. maybe now i'll have something to do with all the wool sweaters i've collected and felted over the past year. (i have craft supply collecting issues.)

I don't know if I missed the deadline but I am DIVING toward homeplate. Hoping I will qualify and WIN those amazing coasters. I always love the fabric you pick.

ANd I hear ya on the crafting issue. I am a hit it and quit it crafter, I make 1 of 1 thing and then usually never again.

And my most memorable costume was when I dressed as a package of peanut m&ms! My friend was plain and boy did we fight over who got to be peanut!

Yup. That's me exactly. I made my flikr name (don't bother looking, there's nothing there) in master of none. I can't help it. I always want to learn something new. I see these amazing people who sell a ton of awesome bags, or jewelry, or whatever and I KNOW I could never do that cause I don't like to do the same thing more than once. It's too bad b/c that's way more time efficient...

i also have full-on craft ADD. have you checked this site for wooden blocks to chisel?

Oh my goodness! I can so relate. I want to do it all, and um, I've recently been perusing the power tool aisle. This does not bode well :-)

Your drawings are so cute! Thank you! I'm planning to make a few Halloween cards this year with stitched designs on them and yours are perfect for this. Thanks again!

Yes. Crafting ADD. I have a severe case. And the UFOs to prove it.

I'm starting a meme on Fridays called "Finished on Friday" if it helps. Gives me a little push to at least get something done each week to post. Feel free to join in with a link to something you've finished during the week.

And I absolutely love that wreath.

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