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October 01, 2008


Love all that Halloween goodness. We just don't do Halloween in the UK in the same way!

Your coasters are lovely. (And I tried everywhere to find that Martha paper, which was sold out, boo! Hope I am the big winner, I love Halloween in a way that is sick really. LOL)

My most memorable costume isn't one I had for myself as a kid, but the one I made last year for Jack. I am feeling a little bad that I have decided to go the thrifted costume route this year (but Jack found a lion he is in luuuuuuuuurve with).

Anyway, here it is in all it's beautiful, wonderful glory on my sweet boy:

My most memorable costume...Siamese best friend and I created this costume in the fifth grade and had a blast!

Halloween is even more fun now that I have my own boys to dress up.

I love, love the coasters:)

What fun! I love Halloween costumes - My favorite was a few years ago the Man-Cub and I dressed as Snow White and Happy -

My most memorable Halloween costume was when I was very young and I was a Popple, remember those? I barely do, but I remember the joy of my mother spraying my pigtails bright pink and blue!

The coasters are seriously great, I guess I could always stitch what I want on linen and then just turn them into coasters when I can't figure what else to do with them! Perfect idea. I sure hope that I win!

Let's most memorable costume was when I was a freshman in highschool. You know, the age where you are way too old to be trick or treating but want the candy anyway? I went to my friend's house for a Halloween party. They all decided to go trick or treating. I was the only one without a costume since I was "too cool" to wear one. Her older brother said he had one I could wear. Out pops a HUGE refrigerator box that looks like a biggo' milk carton. I was confused as to why I would go as a milk carton until he turned it around. There, on the back, was a cut out for my face. I was to be the missing person on the milk carton. I said no way, they all dared me. Needless to say I went as a wanted child that Halloween night. The worst part was everyone would run from house to house but the carton came down so far I was only able to run like a penguin. I wish I had a picture to post...but then again maybe not!!! I hope I win! I seriously LOVE those coasters!

I love the coasters. I saw them on flickr and had to come over here. I honestly can't remember a single costume, though I always loved trick-or-treating! I will cheat and tell you the one kid costume that I remember best. I made my son a power ranger costume before they were huge and noone knew what that was. He couldn't pronounce "r's" yet so he wasn't much help. lol "I'm a powuh wanguh." I loved that Halloween. :)

I love those coasters! Halloween is definitely the favorite holiday around here. Hmm.. costume...I think my favorite was the year my daughter was Mrs. Potato Head. A giant brown blob with an assortment of velcro on parts. Kids at school kept un-velcroing her though! :)

Oh gosh, probably my favorite Halloween costume was the one that my boyfriend at the time and I made WAY back in about 1983 or so. We went to a party as Smurfs. I remember making our costumes and we even painted ourselves blue, although for the life of me, I can't remember what we used! We were a big hit. Those were the days...!

Now I enjoy seeing what my two nephews go dressed as each Halloween. So much fun!

Those coasters are too flippin' cute! What a fun contest you have going here. :)

I have to say, I've had many memorable costumes, but most of those were due to my Mama's mad sewing skills when I was a kid. So, the one I can take full credit for and am most proud of is my "Dia De Los Muertos Calavera" costume. I put together a vintage embroidered dress, a piece of black lace I had laying around, a fresh flower, and some creative face paint, and BAM! Calavera chick! You can see the picture on my Flickr (scanned and uploaded just for you!):

OK, so I'm a killjoy and like Di said, in the UK we don't do Halloween to the same degree, so I've NEVER dressed up once! Love the coasters, super cute embroidery. I love making these too, simple yet very satisfying.

Great coasters and other halloween goodies!
My favorite costume growing up was the year my friend and I went as jockeys and we went on horseback. It was a small town in Vermont so no one was too surprised to open the door to find two horses in their yard. I wish I had a picture to share but no luck finding one.

Love your blog! Especially the books on the sidebar. My most memorable costume was Raggady Ann!
Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

AMAZING STUFF - would love to have that around my house to help occupy my 2 1/2 year old now that my 2 month old is occupying my time :)
My most memorable costume was thanks to my ingenius mother - Bride of Frankenstein - complete with spray dyed black hair and white stripe and yes it stuck up in the memorable Marge Simpson type dome thanks to count them TWO huge cans of Aqua Net.
Crossing my fingers I'm the winner :)
This was my first visit to your blog and I'm LOVING it

My fave costume has to be the pirate I dressed up as just a few years ago, complete with scruffy beard, an awesome scar, and a real sword. Don't know why I love dressing like the opposite sex, lol, I'm NOT a cross-dresser!! I recently posted a photo of that costume on Int'l Talk Like A Pirate day, here is the link: Enjoy, and I hope I win!

Wow, cute coasters! Hope you have a better month! I think my favorite costume was a witch costume, it was probably the pointy hat.

It would have to be grapes, a clear plastic garbage bag over my head, with purple balloons! a green hat made for leaves. fun fun. Thanks for this fun giveaway!
niki in az

The Halloween I remember best was when my children and went to a party at our friends who requested that everyone dress as Bible characters. One son went as Lazarus (mummy), one was the beheaded John the Baptist (carrying head on platter), another son was The Pharaoh, my daughter was Queen Esther, and I went as the Widow (the widow's mite) dressed all in black with black spiderweb lace over my head. It was fun!

I came over from "Feeling Stitchy" to see what you're doing with Halloween embroidery. CUTE coasters!

Jody! My most memorable Halloween costume was a robot. We got giant boxes, wrapped them in foil and got ready to go. Except it was raining, so we had to put garbage bags on them...and then we got stuck in everyone's doorways. Needless to say, we were never robots again!

ooh, great giveaway stuff!
favorite halloween costumes (it's a tie):
last year, my son as a chicken with a big white boa wrapped around his body, yellow rubber gloves on his feet and a homemade "chicken hat" on his head.
also last year, my 1 1/2 yr old daughter as elvis.
i'll try to find pics!!
BTW - you won my giveaway! send me your address and i'll pop it in the mail asap!

My most memorable costume was not even close to being my favorite costume but anyhow...I was in college working at a restaurant and everyone was supposed to dress up and I figured if I could just find something really simple, I wouldn't mind. So I went to Capezio and bought a leotard, tights, and a little skirt and then I got the makings for a french maid costume. I didn't think much about it except it was easy to put together and comfortable to wear at work. Oh man, I was so embarrassed with all the attention I got because I thought it was such a modest, plain costume. I hated the attention and I kept thinking, "What's the big deal?" What a naive young thing I was.

I love your coasters! I'm sitting here remembering nearly every costume I wore as a kid for Halloween -- one year I was a nurse (white dress, blue cape, and a little bag). Another time my mom made us Betsy Ross dresses. In 10th grade, my friends and I went out in togas (Animal House had just come out) and collected money for Unicef. Now I'm in the mood to get out old pictures. :)

the coasters are perfect!

my most memorable halloween costume was a headless corpse when I was 10. We rigged it up pretty good with a coat hanger on my head giving me fabulous 80's padded shoulders, and I bloodied my girls world head up and carried it all around. The night started out great but as the evening grew in I realised I couldn't see a thing through the black dress over my face, & my sister spent the rest of the night leading me around - not very successfully I might add - I ended up falling over at pretty much every house. And I came home covered in more blood than I went out in. But I made the most candy I have ever made on Halloween
Here's a picture, I misss trick or treating with my school friends x

I have a pretty good list of great costumes. In middle school a friend and I went as Helen keller and Annie Sullivan. Once I went as the Goddess of Dust and things that fall under the sofa. But I think my best was going to a party where you had to go as your favorite villian. I went as my inner voices.

My most memorable costume had to be a cat costume I wore to work. I had the ears and thecollor and all the fun stuff, but as a fun little bonus, I tied a beanie baby mouse to my shoulder. All the little kids thought it was soo cute.

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