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September 22, 2008


Those praying mantises (manti?) keep trying to come into my house, too! Or my cats bring them in. But I'm very glad I have not seen any of those spiders. Eeeeek! I'm also glad you gave a warning! Enjoy these last summery days!

We have a similar large spider making it's web across the dining room window. Not something you really want to see when eating dinner! Love the Candy Apple Pie recipe.

I think I have that same spider on the front porch. I was trying to figure out what kind it was the other day. It's a big, fat one for sure!

Your new fally-y banner is so lovely!
And that pine cone photo... delish :-)

We've been a bit buggy around these parts as well. No pine cones though... :( Bring it on fall!

I love those pine cones! Welcoming Autumn is my favorite thing to do..except all the shoo-ing of bugs that it involves!

Ha ha! I did the same thing yesterday: found all my buried unfinished crafts I have lying around in ziploc bags everywhere!

Stunning photos. I love pictures of spider's and their webs. I took one recently and I just keep going back and looking at it.

I scrolled too fast and the spider jumped out at me...I really dislike those things. I have some of the exact kind in my front yard and on my front porch. I have no idea what they are but I think they are decorating my house a little early for Halloween. Thanks for letting me visit!! Lisa

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