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September 28, 2008


i'm kind of mad at you for posting that picture of the giant m&m cooking at 10:30 at night. either i'm going to have to find and consume some chocolate tonight and have a stomachache in bed, or i'm going to force myself to wait until a more timely ... time, break down by 8:30 am and have a stomachache by 10. either way, it's your fault i have no self control. :)

i'm terribly allergic to pets, but kittens get me every stinkin time. their little wiskers... their little paws... the sound of their purrrrrs.... every. stinkin. time.

*cookie, not cooking. sheesh.

I want to read it with you, really I do but I haven't managed to finish a book in a while now. How about if I commit to starting this one?

The banner over at the bookclub is THE BEST!

And I agree with Sarah, that cookie shot was mighty mean of you!

Thanks for the news headline title giggle! Of COURSE they do it on purpose.

Hi there, I've 'tagged' you. Hope you'll join in, but please don't feel obligated!

That giant cookie looks dangerous and that books sounds like a great read!

I can think of only one time when I didn't have any pets and it was so weird to come home to an empty house. I'm sure you'll find something soon. There are so many cats and dogs who need homes. That cookie looks good!

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