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September 24, 2008


I love all those decorations - wow - I can understand why you enjoy it all so much - we tend not to get as excited about Halloween here - usually just the odd pumpkin or so - but such an improvement on the turnips/swedes my mum used to have to carve when we were children!

How fun that they get to go t-o-t twice! Jack would be in heaven.

(Not to mention the opportunity for two costumes...)

Looks like a great weekend. Those costumes are amazing! Hope the kiddies get better soon.

woo! Pre-Halloween Halloween! Sweet.

I hope next week is better too. For you and for me.

Halloween is only starting to get a toe hold here. It seems like an American holiday to me, but of course anything with lollies has the kids' approval....

sick kids?? oh no! i hope they are all recovered now and a new week will be good for you all.

ah, halloween. i have two more days before i start thinking about costumes. the stress of thinking of the perfect costume kills me. every year. so i don't allow myself the internal struggle until october 1st. any suggestions for a two year old who hates masks, makeup, hats that aren't "skater," shoes that aren't "skater," ... on second thought, maybe he should just be a skater...

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