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September 18, 2008


I only discovered Honeycrisp last year and fell in love. Expensive here, and only available for a few weeks but SO GOOD.

My kids eat apples daily but they won't touch any kind of baked apple or pie. What's up with that?

My top fave is Gala. YUM! Thx for the recipe, my hubby will love it.

I like Gala too and another one called (I think) Pink Lady. Your pie sounds good I'm about to make a pound cake but I would make the pie if I had some apples.

Oh goodness, you do know how I feel about pie, right?

Favorite apple... well, it has nothing whatsoever to do with taste, but cuteness and nostalgia alone.

We came across Lady apples when my youngest was about a year old. They are really tiny, like the size of a large marshmallow. They were exactly the right size for his small hands and he loved them so much. I can still hear him saying "appooooo peeeeez?" (apple please?)

At the market I saw so many apples! They are falling right off the trees in the back yard. This sounds so yummy!

I'm going to have to try this pie soon--thank you! Cool apple facts, too...

This sounds delicious!

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