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July 30, 2008


Hey there! I'm the dummy that put the extra kit into the wrong package. I'm glad you are putting it to good use! Thanks for the support and I hope whoever wins enjoys the kit!

I don't know about a superhero - I used to want to be Persephone when I was little and into mythology - and I'm really looking forward to reading the Gravedigger's Daughter, but I've not started it yet...

Oh, what superhero would I be? I think I'd want to be invisible - I'll make up Invisible Girl.

As for a book? I have to think. I'm really ready to dig into a great new book.

Hello! Superheros! I think I would be the elastic one from The Incredibles! Or perhaps Storm from X-Men. I think it would be cool to be super stretchy!!

Was there a superhero that could duplicate herself? I wish I had two more me's so I could accomplish all I want, be two places at once, hold my 3 yr old and nurse my baby, get to bed by 10 and still have time for me.

I'd love to be Violet from the Incredibles so I could become invisible -- awesome! If your book group is mainly women, I suggest "Talk Before Sleep," my favorite book by Elizabeth Berg. When you're done you'll newly appreciate your women friends. Love your blog!

Gosh, I don't know that much about superheros. I would really like to time travel and be invisable. Actually, I think about being able to do those things quite a bit, at least more than what is normal. :) I would like to go back in time to see what a normal day for my great Gramma was like or my Gramma or even my Mom as a kid. Dorky, mabye...

For your book club, perhaps, The Time Travelers Wife? It was a wonderful read and goes perfectly with my superhero wish.

ah, i have no idea about superheroes and i don't really need the kit, but i know what to suggest for reading: barbara kingsolver's prodigal summer. you can read about it here:

I would be Triplicate Girl, so there would be enough of me to get everything done that I need to do in a day!

I would suggest A Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin for a book club. It's been out for a long time, but the writing is brilliant and magical and the winter passages would take the heat out of Summer!

What would I like to be - decisions, decisions...oh I've already thought of so many.

How about something totally mushy and silly but really, really, really what I want - The Best Version of Me Girl

I was right on board with Triplicate Girl but then I would probably just try to tackle more things - so how about a Happy ME - when I am actually able to just be.

I could also use to be more adept at Math so - The Best Version of Me Girl superfied with SuperMath! I could also use better SuperGirl Hair - oh see, here I go... :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

I am not sure I would want the pressure of being a super hero, but I would love to fly.

Wow, who doesn't want a craft kit with the word pimp in it?! I think if I had to be any superhero, it would be Zuko from the Avatar. I think he fits my personality.

Superhero, I'm not so sure. There are so many powers to be had -- how to choose?!

Book, how about the Red Tent? I read it years ago, but still liked it so. Recent reads -- really liked the Time Traveler's Wife and Memory Keeper's Daughter.

Well, it's high time I tried my hand at some embroidery so why not something so cute. Cause really I don't have enough to do...

Um for superhero...I'll go with Claire on heros. Invincible and gorgeous.

I think I would have to be Sue Storm/Invisible Girl. the thought of being able to become invisible is in itself incredible, but... be able to create strong force fields and psionic blasts has got to be awesome!

As for a book: I am currently reading The Last Lecture - for the second time!

Yeah! I love pimp stitch!
Ok, super hero? WordGirl, from the cartoon:)
and book...Bright Shiny Morning form James Frey I just started it today!

Yeah! I love pimp stitch!
Ok, super hero? WordGirl, from the cartoon:)
and book...Bright Shiny Morning form James Frey I just started it today!

Oohh! Beautiful goodies! For a good book I'd read "Can't Wait To Get To Heaven" by Fannie Flagg. That's the same author that wrote Fried Green Tomatoes. It's a great book with a great message. I've passed it around to a few people and they all loved it!

I always thought Wonderwoman was cool as a kid but now that I've seen The Incredibles I think I'd love to be able to turn invisible.

I've just finished Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. A very interesting book.

I'm not sure which superhero I'd want to be, but I remember having a pair of Robin Under-roos when I was younger.

I've got lots of favorite books: Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami and Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

I just found Pimp Stitch this week. And wandered over here to check out your blog.

I'd like my super power to be the ability to freeze time, but I could still move around. Oh the jokes I could play on my husband.

Oh if I could be a super hero- I want to be octopus woman...I am always needing an extra hand...oh think of all the things I could get done with 8 hands! LOL

I :heart: pimp stitch!

Wonder Woman of course!! Book: Time Traveler's Wife...awesome!

I am not sure about the super hero question, but I would recommend a book that my book club read, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. We loved it. There is now a second book out by the same author called Sugar Queen. I have bought it, but have not read it yet, but it looks to be as fun as Garden Spells.

I would love to be added to your drawing. I absolutely love Pimp Stitch and all of their designs. I have been working on the free birthday downloads from June ... so cute!

Thanks so much,


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