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July 06, 2008


Sounds like an old fashioned parade to me!

Ha! You are funny. Your parade looks and sounds EXACTLY like ours. The candy... oh the candy... So much candy! The classic cars... the kilts... oh yeah! :)

Hi, love your photos. You are so right; it's hard to take good photos of a parade. Can't even tell you just how many crappy ones I got at the Torchlight Parade here in Benicia on July 3. Ugh. However, I love what you've done, taking bits and pieces and creating the collage. Awesome! I'm going to make some digital scrapbook layouts like that of my own parade photos. Fun!

Are you sure those aren't your kicks pictured there? :)

Check this out:

I am passing on an award to you because I think you rock.

Ha! That's so funny! The last parade I was at, I remember thinking, "Were parades always this crappy?" Seriously - no floats, no waving beauty queens, just a bunch of old geezers sitting sedately on the backs of convertible cars going 2 miles an hour... for 2 hours. Not even waving anymore by the time they reached us. Bleah. Who's in charge of parades these days?

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