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July 29, 2008


you made up the dandelion one??? that was my very favorite. oh, wait, maybe it was the one of the dog w/a scarf sipping a steaming cup... i can't choose just one...

great job!

I love that little caterpillar hiding in the corner. Very impressive. I just might steal your idea for Channukah except I can't embroider at all, small problem. Where did you get the fabric?


That is so full of cuteness that I can hardly even stand it. They're all totally adorable.

Same as above, I wanted to know your source for the material (is it linen?)...and I loved the dandelion/ladybug one too!

Super cute. I really must learn to embroider. I think the dandelion was my favorite too...

The linen is from Hobby Lobby and the patterned fabric is from the Etsy seller FromJapanWithLove "girl's favorite."
Beware, you will spend money browsing her items!

They sell linen at Hobby Lobby? Who knew! Anne, I can't begin to tell you how much I love these. I'm totally going to make these for Christmas gifts!

Very cute! I was thinking about giving flour sack towels with decorative edging and some sort of embroidery. Not sure I'll get to it though! Too much to do!

So cute! And also very beautiful! They are going on my list of things to make for the holidays.

The bugs....are brilliant. Love them! They will make wonderful gifties for Christmas.

I'm totally doing placemats and coaster for christmas..SHAZAM!

I Love those!! Perfect small project!!

I Love those!! Perfect small project!!

Oh my word those are so precious. I love how small the details are. Do you use just one thread when embroidering? I am a total beginner. But I love it.

Wow! What a great idea! I have hand-knit coasters, but this gives me another project to embroider! Thank you for the inspiration!

Oh my goodness, Anne! Those are ADORABLE!

I had intended to give coasters last year, and even though I know they are super easy, I never got motivated to start them. What is up with me? Maybe this year.

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