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July 09, 2008


When converting a DVD to an electronic video file, you're nearly fully guaranteed to get rid of some display quality. To end up getting an excellent AVI, you'll need to pay attention to minimizing the increased loss of quality. Make use of a conversion program which allows great customization within the resulting AVI file. By hand setting certain parameters allows the best quality, as near to the source as you will get. Maintaining this quality means the conversion process will require some time and can require some patience, in addition to a wide range of disk space.


Down load and use a conversion program (see Resources section). There are many free applications available. Search for a credit card applicatoin that provides a huge variety of customizability.

Do not limit the goal quality. You'll need a great deal of space to keep the initial quality, up to 4 GB. Limiting the quality of a full-length movie to 700 MB is really a sure method to degrade the movie along the way. You are able to limit the goal quality within the application's main window beneath the header for Output Settings in many applications. This is usually designated with a text box, letting you enter the required quality in megabytes. Leave the box blank and uncheck the associated always check box.

Set the Frames Per Second or Frame Rate to complement the origin. A reduced frame rate can lead to lower-quality video. That you don't wish to come down than 24 to 30 fps. Most movies (DVD and theater) run between 24 and 30 fps. Within the application's main window, under Output Settings Video, select Same as Source from the Frame Rate drop-down menu.

Convert using multi-pass encoding (2-pass or 3-pass). Multi-pass encoding allows the conversion program to investigate the video multiple times, developing a log used from the 2nd or third pass to find out the easiest method to fit the resulting file within the AVI file requirements. It is a similar idea to using Photoshop to mix three split up images to produce the very best photograph. Under Output Settings Video, always check the multi-pass box make it possible for multi-pass encoding.

Make use of a high bit-rate. A greater bit-rate means less compression. Less compression means a greater quality video with a bigger quality. Each one of these parameters work in tandem to produce the perfect AVI. Enter the required bit-rate under Output Settings Video. A text box will help you to enter the bit-rate in kbps.

Article resource: [url=]How to Convert DVDs to AVI Files Without Losing Quality[/url]

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