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July 09, 2008


Happy Birthday to the boy who is 1 whole hand years old now!!!

The party looks like it was a great success! I really love the shot of him under the balloons. I will be trying to recreate that one. I also will NOT be sparing you the 16 (or 25) random birthday shots after my little big guy's party!

Oh it looks so happy! I would have sat through all 16 pictures! Did Kitty like her cake? 5 is a big number; it's the beginning of a new world.

It looks like it was a great day. I hope you get some still moments after all the hoopla.

Yay, Anne! Made my day to hear your guy loved the ice game too:-) Don't be surprised to find random action figures a regular feature in your freezer from now on (Aidan uses the same plastic cup to make his pint-sized ice blocks).
Congrats to your not-so-little boy!

It looks like a wonderful party!

My guys LOVE Ben10 too!

I've never heard of Ben 10, but it looks like it was a fun party. I love the photo of the kid licking the ice block, and the fabric flags are so festive.

I dislike treat bags more than anything!! (party pooper) I've even done boxes of cracker jacks and animal crackers, once. Anything to get out of goodie bags.

Great pictures. And some good ideas, too!

Hi, I can see your party is real success. May I know how to play the alien ice game? This is because I am preparing for Ben10 party for my 5 year old son next month. Appreciate that, thank you.

I am also having a Ben 10 party for my son's 5th bday on 10/25/08. Can you also tell me about the alien ice game? Email me if you could! Thanks!

Your Ben 10 party looks fantastic. Like everyone else could you please tell me about your Alien Ice Game & any other game ideas you prepared.


I too, would love details on the 'Ice Game'...

i would also love to know what the alien ice game is all about,im also doing aben 10 party

i would also love to know what the alien ice game is all about,im also doing aben 10 party

I am having a Ben 10 party for my son this weekend, would love to know how the alien ice games goes!

Hi there
I am INTRIGUED about this ice-game.. please spill the beans? My son's Ben 10 party is coming up next Saturday...

Interested in the game as well. What is it? Thanks.


I'm having a Ben 10 party for my son soon. Can you please let me know how the alien ice game is played. Thanks.

like everyone else I'm planning a ben 10 party for my soon and I'm also curious about how the alien ice game is played. Thank you kindly.

I am trying to find the alien in ice game, if anyone has it, can you please let me know.
Thank you.

Hi there

I would also love to know how the ice game works.
Pls help. Our party is on the 31st Jan.

We just had a Ben 10 bday party for 5-year-olds today. Here's how we did the alien in ice game -- I put the alien in a container of water (it was Heatblast), and froze it for 24+ hours. Took it out of the mold, put it in a large sheet cake pan on the ground. Put out squirt bottles filled w/ warm water, and a few turkey basters with a bowl of warm water. We had the ice station as the last stop on an obstacle course - the kids had to do 10 squirts each to try to free the alien by melting him. After they did the course a few times, they all concentrated on melting him, which went on for about 20 minutes until they melted him. I had to empty the pan a few times and refill water squirters. They loved it -- thanks for the inspiration, GreenJello!

Hi there I am planning a Ben 10 birthday party for my son who will be 7 next month. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would love info on the ice game.

I am having the birthday on February 27th, I love party planning so any new ideas are most welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you

How did you made the treat bags? Where did you get the bag?
Thank you


This game is really adventurous and it makes anyone to get perplexed.I play a similar interesting game called bubble shooter games which is also quite interesting!!

I just loved all ur pix and so interesting and was quite eager to read ur post..
The fabric flags are so festive and cuteee..

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