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June 01, 2008


Oh how fun! We have a drive in here, but I never think to go. Maybe we'll try it out once it cools off in the fall.

Your photos make me miss going to the drive in when we lived in Indiana. There's one where we live now, in Atlanta, but I wasn't as big of a fan. There were multiple movies showing here all at once, and its much bigger, and much longer lines, rather than the little cozy gathering that was in IN.

It looks like the drive in was fun - doesn't happen in the UK - chance of rain too high!

Glad that the kids enjoyed the experience!

That sounds like fun! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs where there were a few of those outdoor theaters. I remember my parents took us to see First Blood when we were like 8. That's the first Rambo movie....hmmm....not too appropriate for young ones either!

I love the drive-in! I remember running to the concession stand in the dark- over all the little hills in the parking lot. The parking lot was graded so that the front of the car would be raised a bit for easier viewing.

The last time we went, they didn't use the audio boxes any more. You had to tune in on the car radio- they broadcast on an AM frequency.

YAY!!! for one year of Green Jello! :) Looking forward to many more years. So happy to have found your blog, Anne and to have gotten to know you.

I am going thrifting tomorrow for an apron. What an amazing cause and great idea! Thanks for the link.

Those drive-in photos are AMAZING. I am particularly in love with the 4th one up from the bottom. Can I use it for my desktop?

Interested in your summer photo series, can't wait for the details.

Oh man, I so wish we had a drive-in around here. I grew up on Cape Cod and there is still one there. I try to go when I visit in the summer. But can you believe there are NONE in all of NJ. It totally sucks.

I loved the photos.


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