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June 04, 2008


oh yeah, we would welcome bad puppy to smack-dab center of the tornado alley...where it really is flatter than a pancake (a study was done on npr a couple of yeras ago).

: )

Bad puppy can come with us to the Oregon coast! Sea anenomes, starfish, sand, clam chowder. He can even go on the roadtrip and see San Simeon and San Francisco and the Monterey Bay aquarium and even look at the redwoods. Perfect! Or he can join us at home in the desert and swim in the pool and play with our dogs. We'd love to have him. :)

Bad puppy could come with me on my roadtrip to washington DC in 3 weeks. He could see the Lincoln Memorial or the Wall with me. Or he is welcome to visit us in Madison, too.

This is a little like the swap we are doing:
I will be sitting out of the book club this month because I have already read and I think I suggested Ladies, but I will be exctied to read all the responses. I am hoping to be reading again in Sept, during all that time I will spend nursing on the couch!

Big bad puppy can come here to Pennsylvania because it is always fun here. We have mud and grass and sand in the sandbox for him to play in.

If B.Puppy is potty trained, he is welcome to come stay with us in Boston MA. If he can wait a month he can come on a road trip to NC with the whole family (which includes two dog loving boys). He might get to fly at Kitty Hawk or mine for emeralds in Asheville.

I think bad puppy needs to come to washington we have lots of squirrels to chase...and even a squirrel bridge!

Oh, we can host bad puppy! We are near St Louis.

My little boys keep begging for a puppy---they got a little brother this year instead, so we'd love to borrow yours for a bit, and show him around Moab, UT.

Are you going to send his travel itinerary or will each house decide where to send him next?

He could come to Indiana....though I doubt your kids would think that is a very interesting place!

He could come to Indiana....though I doubt your kids would think that is a very interesting place!

We would love to host Bad Puppy here in Auburn, California. He would be very welcome in our neighborhood :)

I would love to host Bad Puppy in Hollywood, CA. (I'm good with these kinds of projects...just as my little cousins:)

It would be fun to have Bad Puppy visit us in Japan! We'll be gone to Texas for the summer--will return Aug. 15 (about 8 weeks from now)--so anytime after that would be great!

Am I too late?

Do puppies like cows? I bet a Bad Puppy would love to climb in hay barns.

My boys (ages: 16 months & 9 years) would love to bring Bad Puppy to a ranch in Northern California. It's already getting a little hot here so we would make sure that bad puppy would get lots and lots of water to drink. Puppies do get thirsty riding on tractors all day.

Where would we send Bad Puppy next? Hmmm....

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