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May 27, 2008


that is too funny!! That tomato aspic is giving me the shudders, but I love the aprons. Who has waists like that anymore?

I like the very top one, and I love, Love, Love the the apron with the ball fringe- cuz I LOve that stuff!

Sarah: those waists came with the corsets/girdles they used to wear. they weren't smiling- they were gasping for a full breath :)

Anne, I'm having some trouble posting comments. The same thing happened last time, too: I hit post, it never changes screen. So I hit preview, then post, and then it works. Just to let you know- hope it's just me.

J - let me look into this - thanks!

BBQ jello salad! Who knew the world held such ambrosia? I can't wait to try it.

you know, it was just last week that I donned my pearls, and whipped up barbecue jell-o to cheer up Lamont after they moved his desk...poor guy! On an apron note, I have a sickening amount of aquired vintage aprons. I love to put them on and pretend I'm a good housekeeper!

Oh my, that BBQ jello thing was, well, gross. LOL

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