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May 28, 2008


oh my goodness, I'm excited. But I probably won't be able to finish it until like, Sunday, because I've got so much going on this weekend and in preparation for this weekend. Have fun watching it!

stuck on the "making out with Sawyer during commercials" idea....give me a sec....mmmhmmm....oh yeah....okay now I can discuss.

My prediction is that no one really dies but we possibly think they die. I think they are setting us up for some more red herrings. I think Sawyer jumps out of the plane so we THINK he is possibly dead but not really. I am nearly 100% positive that Jin does not die. I've thought that since Sun and Hurley were at his gravestone.

I, for a long time now, have been trying to link everything to a "parallel universes, multiverses, whatever you wanna call it" theory. So perhaps, instead of moving back and forth in time....the island kind of moves sideways...into an alternate reality. I think of the island as kind of a "portal" into different realities.

I go between trying to scratch together a theory for what's going on and then just throwing my hands up in the air and going along for the ride. Its fun to speculate....but its even more fun to be told a GREAT story. I cannot WAIT!

No way does Sawyer die. You don't kill off the comic relief. Ain't gonna happen. Not to mention that I'm still not convinced anyone actually ever does REALLY die (again with the "parallel universes" theory) we just step from one kind of reality to another. :) Just think one reality, you actually ARE making out with Sawyer during commercial breaks!! tee hee hee!

I clicked over to your site thinking, hoping that maybe you had some Lost insight and HERE IT IS!!!

I wish you were my real life buddy and we would call each other during the commercials and squeal! Is that creepy?

I'm so excited for toinght it's sad. I've got my ice cream ready, my most comfy jammies and my coziest quilt on the sofa.

I look forward to your post show write up! And it WILL NOT include an obituary on Sawyer. Our boyfriend will not leave us!

Janet - I love the parallel universe theory, but it makes sense in a Lost sort of way.

Tracey - I would love to call you on commercials-it's not creepy, but I will be lip locked with Sawyer...

Tonight I will enjoy a Venti Mocha from Starbucks.

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