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May 05, 2008


Love that picture! You could frame it.

What fun fabrics. Whatcha sewin'???

Wow. A beer can coffin. That is an interesting departure. And yeah, sure, Illinois people are normal. Mmmmhmmm... :)

Great fabrics. I could spend my mortage every month at Repodepot fabric. Dang that pesky mortgage!

oh, that fabric is amazing. i don't allow myself to even look at reprodepot lately - the temptation is too strong.

i had totally forgotten about that avian flu mumbo-jumbo. it's kinda funny how we move so quickly from one scare to the next. remember the whole anthrax thing?

I'd have a heck of a lot more respect for the man had he fashioned the big can out of actual old beer cans!

Y2K anyone?

I love the pic and your banner!

We are way more alike than I think you would believe!!!

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