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April 10, 2008


oh friend! you could come over and play anytime. in fact, i'd supply the candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we could all sing songs about poop (because really what is more fun than singing about poop?), and then we could all plop down on my dirty floor and watch an episode of lost on the laptop (because yes, i sometimes let my kids watch shows that are not age appropriate). finding mom friends can be difficult for sure, perhaps one of the biggest challenges i've had as a mom - you are definitely not alone in your search.

Oh, Anne! You always make me laugh... I know we would get along fantastically. Too bad about that big distance thing. You should tell someone to read your blog and ask them to call you if they still want to be your friend ;) Molly ^ and I were talking about that the other day. Sometimes it's so much work to start a new friendship.

Hmm - making friend is never the easiest! I am sure that the other mother was as anxious as you!! I always come away from knitting group thinking "oh no what nonsense did I talk tonight......" but that's just me and my self-esteem!

I would love to have you and your poop talking kids over at my house - kids that talk about poop are so much more fun than those that don't!

Anne, something tells me you are not in the St. Louis area. lol Cause that's just my luck. My little guy isn't here yet (due in August) but when he gets here I fully embrace poop songs, dirty houses (there are ALWAYS dishes in my sink and crap on my counter), dirt, wearing things multiple times and funny people with sarcastic tongues. Your letter to yourself in jr. high was the cherry on top of proving to me that you and I would be fast friends. Hang in there lady...eventually you will find at least one person in your area who cares more about friendship, fun and laughter than who is cleaner, neater and "properly behaved". In the meantime, your bloggy friends support you! :)

Crap! It's just like dating sometimes, isn't it?

One of the reasons I hate is so much where I live is because I don't have many Mom friends. I do need someone to blather on and on about my wonderful (wicked) children and my loving (pain in the rear) husband. Chatting on the phone to my bestest pal 1000 miles away dosen't cut it. I want someone to dine (eat cheese dip and corn chips) with and laugh about the weird man that lives on the corner or other mindless items of intrest. I know your pain... I hope you find a wonderful pal soon.

anne, you are cracking me up lately. one piece at a beauty pageant.... that is SO funny.

i think the prevalence of the online community and the enthusiasm behind it is a pretty big indicator that more than just you have problems finding mom friends. if we all had loads of mom friends and playdates daily, we'd never be online making friends. i am amazed at how busy the life of a mom is and trying to balance that with other moms busy lives is pretty hard.

for the record, i really don't think you are as negative as you think you are. if you talked about teddy bears and rainbows and the latest perfect date you had with your husband, i wouldn't come here every day.

that being said... i wish we could hang out.

Oh, you do so much better than me. I get angry being friendless. And the hard part is what to do when the children can't get along. I feel your pain. We moved across the country and I am in the same boat. Any chance you live in Southwestern OH? And would want to be friends with a displaced californian?

Oh, I soooooo feel your pain!!! I wished you lived in Southern Illinois (you don't, do you?) because I have been struggling for years to make some good mom friends. All my best friends who understand me and aren't at all judgmental, are thousands of miles away. Alas!

Somebody mentioned it was like dating. I agree, only it is much, much worse. At least on a date if you look cute and keep up a conversation, it is usually a success. On a PLAY date, you have your kids to contend with. And we all know there is o way your kids will behave when you want them to so much. They have a sixth sense about these things....

Hmmm...let's see. My husband refers to me as "The Nutty Knitter." I have a three-year-old who is "all about poop" these days (think: potty-learning), and today my 8-year-old had a full-on tantrum complete with tears and ending in a heap on the floor. I drive a car that probably hasn't been vacuumed in 6 months and we frequently have chocolate for dessert. After breakfast. Do you live anywhere near Minneapolis??

Your link for The Road took me I thought I'd comment!

If you lived on my block, or in my vicinity, I would be knocking on your door every day.

I just found your blog... and I DESPISE blogs. But this one I found to hit home and I see that you are NOT lecturing anyone, talking about how great you are, being self-involved or simply arrogant. You are sharing. And I like that. I realize this blog is over a year old, but it is where I am at. With two young girls, not babies, it's very frustrating to keep up the friendships made when my girls were babies. People raise their children differently, overschedule, find little time to talk and don't put people outside their box on their priority list. It's lonely and I hope that doesn't trickle down to my girls. I may be reading your blog - and it's a new thing for me, so thanks.

Ohhh I want mom friends TOO. It was good to read this, and the comments. I don't feel like such a freak now.

I love learning aobut new and different vietnamese dishes. Once again Aust. is way way behind the US in variety and authenticity of cuisine. Bun rieu is something I'd definitely like to try.

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