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April 13, 2008


Wow! Look at the Snoopy jack in the box! And the Busy Box! And the wooden pull-dog...
That bear is really sweet looking. He looks pensive.

What a sweet teddy bear! And the photo of you getting him is adorable :)

I'd love to join your toy week!

I have just posted a picture of my son's best friend and then come across and find it is toy week. Talk about good timing!

What a cute little bear! Oh, it's toy week!!! I'm a bit under the weather today so I'll start tomorrow and do two toys to make up for my missed day.

That picture is great. The funny thing is, I was going through some old pictures and I was contemplating some that were blurry but had sentimental significance. So, even ones that we think aren't perfect may have important meaning someday.
Off to post my toy day! Thanks, Anne :)

I love that picture of you receiving your bear - and I'd love to join-in on Toy Week! I'll start with a post tomorrow...

Eepee Eepee is as adorable as his name. :)

ah. the look on your little face is priceless! what a wonderful photo. i can't wait to see the rest this week.

(i might try to get one or two in this week, but the way it's going already, i can't promise anything.)

Ah, the old favorite bear. I remember mine. His name was Oliver. He was almost as threadbare as your Eepee Eepee.

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