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April 09, 2008


beautiful photo

what color shadow did you get?

you do get a nice sparkle with plutonium, though...

Those are beautiful pictures! I've been considering the idea for a while, but can't get off my arse.
I like a simplified body care regime also. The kids use California Baby wash, and we use Dove. Husband and I disagree over the shampoo, but I try each day to accept the two separate bottles in the shower. ;)

That is a beautiful print, I can't wait to see it framed!

I checked the link- some pretty color eyeshadows.

we use suncreen every day- I have Paula's Choice.

if you like the shadow, let us know, and I'll try it. but it'll probably make my husband nervous- think we're supposed to go somewhere, or it's our anniversary. ..

Thanks, Anne :)

I have lots of products I can't live without... my "lip chap" for one (as my 2 yr. old calls it.)

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