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April 25, 2008


I've just come across your blog -a fellow Lost fan, great! Here in the UK you have to subscribe to Sky to see this new series. Bah humbug to Rupert Murdoch. Anyway you've given me even more questions than I had after watching the most recent episode! The Ben time travel thing has me foxed too. We still don't know who all the Oceanic Six are yet, do we?

You are a television genius! I love the show but it makes me feel s...l...o....w. I agree with you on number 2, I think it's the best written, best acted role on television/film EVAH. 5 - totally. I felt as shocked as Benry when they shot her. They're not playing by tv's rules either!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show. Do you think they'll make a Lost movie?

Well, I do wish there would have been more episodes, but I am digging that it feels like we are moving ahead a little in the story at least now.

Unfortunately I have no answers to any of your questions.

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