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March 12, 2008


Thanks for posting all of that! I love hearing more about the person behind the voice. I'll participate later this week once I'm back on the swing of things.

Thanks for tagging me. I actually completed my questions.

Great post Anne - I always like to find out more about the "behind the scenes" stuff also. I'll do this for my next post!

I agree with so much that you said... can I just copy and paste your answers? kidding. I will play along. thanks!!

Anne - you and I could definitely be BIFF - I have been thinking about the why of blog a lot lately. Love to hear more about your whys and looking forward to reading the whys of those tagged. Good idea!

Oooh, I'll do mine today!

i love this entry. i love your answers. i love that i have a topic to type up. i love that it'll probably push me editing down that review even more (sorry.) i love that we're friends.

I enjoy your writing. it's very Anne. :) I think if we met, we could just pick up the conversation because your writing is honest and I'd feel like we'd been talking all this time when I was reading your words.

I'll post my answers in a couple of days. we must follow the rules of the internet. ;) I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's answers.

I'm looking forward to peeking around at other people's answers, too, especially since I'm rather new to blogland.

I did your meme after seeing it pop up elsewhere!

Hi Anne: tried to reply to e-mail, but it was sent back, twice. Just wanted to let you know that something is up with your e-mail.

Followed your meme...all the way to England and to Japan.:)

I'm just catching up on blogs too--still in that cocoon stage of life with a newborn...but at least I can breastfeed and read blogs at the same time:-)

I debate these very questions at least once a month, decide at least once a month to shut the blog down, and then decide, I like it and it serves me right now. I'm going to try to answer your questions this week (if I figure out how to type with one hand...this comment took forever!).

Crazy, but I'm compelled to make one more comment...

I really enjoy your blog, but admit the name of it is the one thing that turned me off...on my google reader list I'd sometimes forget who it linked to because I have such strong connotations connected to green jello (something we see A LOT of in Utah)...

So I loved hearing the two connections behind your blog title, and love that I'll think of mothers and sisters now every time I see green jello at another Utah gathering:-)

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