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March 09, 2008


Wow! What a great find! And those album covers will be great framed. very cool.
I remember my Mickey Mousercize record and my very first record that I purchased with my own money was Dolly Parton, 9-5. yee-haw!

oh, i forgot to say i'm glad you're feeling on the up and up. this last of the season crap is catching everyone, it seems.

i can't believe you got a fisher price record player for 4.50. color me jealous. my heart would've been beating in my throat when i spotted that. i loved the read-along records, strawberry shortcake especially. one of my favorites was a braer rabbit story. there was also an ABC record that i've been trying to find for years with no luck.

i've never been to a resale event like that, so i have no idea if that's the standard everywhere. it sure seems like they could organize it differently/better.

i'm glad that you're back... i was getting worried. :)

I am so jelous! I peed in my pants just looking at your great finds.... haha Just kidding, but I do know how you feel. Vintage quilts make me crazy excited. Cool goods.

oh, the abc record i've been looking for... i can't remember the title of the record, but there is a name song that starts out "'A' my name is alice, i live in a palace, and every afternoon at 3 my footman serves me tea..." it's the cutest song that floods memories of my mom and i singing.

if you have it, i might just die. seriously.

I can't find that song either

I have been googling everywhere trying to find the A my name is alice and I live in a palace song. Does anyone know the name of it and the name of the group that sang it. I would love to try to find it for my daughter but since I only know the lyrics and nothing else it has been difficult.

As well as everyone else, I've been searching everywhere for the "A my name is" song. I did find out that it is on the Peter Pan label. It is called "A my name is" and it is by the Peter Pan Orchestra. I keep checking YouTube as well. Many people have posted songs from the Peter Pan label on there. Hope it helps.

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