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November 06, 2007


Okay, first, I LOVE your new banner! And second, you crack me up! At least I know that I'm not alone. I'm the one in the parking lot with the bleach wipes, waging a personal assault on the shopping cart :-)

oh don't even get me started on doctor's offices and playplaces. they give me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them.

but the handler??? oh my gosh. that is amazing. i'm asking for that for my stocking.

Carry Purell in the car. It amazes me how many times we are thankful to have some when we're out running around.

You need to add 6A to your list:
People who DO set their purse on the floor should not set same purse on kitchen table...LOL

I worked for someone in the health care field that was a major germaphobic. It was making me paranoid... but it's nothing 3 kids (two of which are boys) hasn't cured me of. It's hard to be neurotic when your boys constantly rolling in dirt, making "bad guy soup" and even eating goodness knows what. What doesn't kill us will make us stronger, right?
But I still avoid public restrooms like the plague. I always use the paper towel I just used to dry my hands to open the door to leave. I love the pharmacy suggestion!

the new banner is beautiful.

this is not the post to read if you are preparing chicken for dinner. germs aplenty. oh my.

vinegar is supposed to kill germs that even commercial cleaners can't. I think cider vinegar is supposed to be especially effective. remember hanta virus- carried by a mouse near you? when that scare first came to the public eye, I doused the bulkhead stairs to my cellar with bottles of cider vinegar. my cat had left the remains of a snack on the stairs- that was my solution. after that, I tried to keep the bulkhead doors shut at all times.

I've also read that using antibacterial soaps and cleaners aren't good for us; promotes the growth of super germs. regular soap and hand washing are good enough.

I'm right there with you. Something else that bugs me: when people use their filthy sponges to WASH dishes. Ugh!

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