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October 01, 2007


This is SO freaking fun! What a cool lady you are! Let me say first, before I get to the monsters, that I love your new banner! The typeface is perfect.

Now, let's see... favorite monster... well, I don't know if it counts, but I was always crazy about the Munsters and the Adams Family. As far as the movies though, I'm gonna have to go with the Blob :-)

I love October. So many spooky monsters and ghosts everywhere you turn. Those prizes are very generous, and even a second place prize? How lucky are WE!?

Okay, favorite monster, I would have to go with King Kong. Mostly because he was such a misunderstood big guy. Also, and I don't know if these count as monsters, but I have to mention the Gorgs from Fraggle Rock. If they are considered monsters then they are definatly my favorite. I recently picked up a Fraggle Rock DVD for my kids at a yard sale...okay, it was for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyones favorites!

I know this is more science fiction, but the alien from the Alien movies creeps me out.

I haven't watched any of the monster movies. Deprived childhood, maybe? Or maybe it's just that I didn't watch very many movies because I was too busy reading library books.

You didn't say they had to be movie monsters, though, so based on the book I'm going to choose Frankenstein's Monster as my favourite. I always found the monster easy to sympathize with (unlike Frankenstein himself).

I love Frankenstein! :)

I have to agree with Stefani, Blob was a favorite of mine and even though it scared me I loved it. I refused to eat grape jelly forever. Another one would be Critters, remember those furry balls of nightmare? Eeek! Oh I just LOVE October it is always full of fun and fright. Loved the Elm Streets, Krueger's, Leprechauns, etc

What a cool contest!

My fave monster ever huh?
Not sure he's a monster, but Freddy Krueger gave me nightmares for years after seeing the first one.
I also love Dracula, and Frankenstein. Those are some great classic monsters up there, and I agree, the monster from the lagoon was seriously creepy!

The Aliens from the "Alien" movie franchise were always horrifying. If they don't count I'd have to say any werewolf in any movie

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