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September 08, 2009


I learned what a walking taco was at a football game when I took my daughter to the concession stand. She wanted the walking taco and a bag of Fritos. I told her yes to the taco, no to the Fritos. Imagine my surprise when the walking taco WAS a bag of Fritos. Thank goodness we didn't order an extra bag of Fritos!

As for organization of school papers, I could not live without my 3-ring binder. Get one, along with those plastic page protectors and a couple of page dividers with pockets. Put every letter in its own page protector for future reference. Also, fill out forms the day they come home and send them back the next day. This is the only way you will survive.

Walking taco - bag of Fritos - still can't picture it. Can't you walk with a regular taco?

When I pulled up your post this morning, I had in my hand a blank nesting doll. I was thinking of something fall'ish as a birthday gift to my mom - have us all paint one? But I am totally digging your cheshire cat. Never would have thought of Alice in Wonderland dolls - can't wait to see the rest.

Good luck with getting into gear with the school stuff. Walking taco - hmmm...

so! Adorable!

Love the cat. What the f*#k is a "walking taco"?

Have you seen these?

I love her work on Flickr in general. If you check out the link you will see it turned into a whole story of the school getting involved.

Ok - Off to dream of walking tacos.

a walking taco? um gross.
I like the doll make me some now.

Bahaha I have NO idea what a walking taco is either. Love the Cheshire cat though!

And yeah, I've only read about two pages of Everything that Rises Must Converge so far. How far are you??

Tell me "walking taco" isn't a hot lunch item.

With or without a walking taco, you should fear the school lunch. Really.

You are really talented with your little "people". It takes something to be able to create such a recognizable and artistic image on a teeny piece of wood. I love all of your creations.

Love your cheshire cat! Where did you find the "blank" nesting dolls? I would love to make a set for my 5 year old, he's fascinated by them.

Also, I came here looking for your Ben 10 party pictures, my son is having a Ben 10 party next weekend and we want to do the ice block figure/licking thing... looks fun!!

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