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September 13, 2009


That elf hat is too cute!!

Okay, those puppets just killed me. dead.

I still read but have been sort of self-involved and bad on commenting lately. I hope the whole Kindergarten transition is going well.

still here too ~ those projects are adorable

love ! those gingerbread men!

I'm really interested in the teddy bear. What a great update/rehashed method of creating a classic toy.

Awesome preview of the book. Love those gingerbread men.

it's pretty fantastic of you to offer these up as a giveaway! Hope that all is well with you guys.

good lord, that elf hat is cute, isn't it?

I love the gingerbread men! And I love that they look easy. I need easy right now.

Too cute! I have a baby boy who needs some felt booties to warm his toes this winter!

This book looks awesome! It makes me so happy that more Japanese craft books are being translated into English. :)

Hey how is school going? How are you doing?

That's cool they asked you to preview them. They both look great, but I'm hoping for the one about girls' clothes.

how adorable! love the gingerbread men...

Oh I have just stumbled across your is lovely. And just in time for a giveaway, how serendipitous! That elf hat is too cute. Do you think that 33 is too old to get away with wearing one?

These books look awesome! I would love to try some of these projects -- especially with all the baby showers I've been invited to lately. Thanks for this giveaway.

Awww These pictures are so awesome!

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