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August 18, 2009


Hee hee. He's cute. And, sobbing in Target isn't all that unheard of.

He's cute! So I understand why you don't let the kids play with him ;)
My kids started school today, so the house is very quiet...

Edward is not here yet, but soon I think. I am very excited about his arrival. Is that silly? I was telling the hubs all about what Edward and I were going to do when he gets here and he just looked blankly at me. Sometimes he doesn't get me. Hmph! At least I'll have litte Eddie.

I am sorry you will be sobbing in the Target. If I lived closer I would take you out to lunch and a Japanese book store and make silly faces at you until you giggled.

Awww, it'll be okay.

He looks so happy at your home - I think he found just what he was looking for. Thank you for the nice words.

As for sobbing in Target, I've seen it and I've done it. Course, mine might have been in the dressing room trying on too tight maternity pants but that's another issue. Oh, I also cried in the baby aisle by the nursing nipple cream but again that's another issue. So - you're good.

Thanks for posting this super cute pic - I am honored - seriously.

i miss you too.

i've been really mad that it's been rainy here because i really need to hide behind my sunglasses. these growing pains just suck.

I met my soon-to-be-kindergarten-parents last night. Many had teary eyes.

I have sobbed at Target. But it's usually about the fact that The Offspring turn into Spawns of Satan when entering the sliding glass doors.

It will be fine. I have been through first days for 12 years now.

It's funny -- I haven't been reading many blogs lately but I always come back to yours. And when I read how you missed posting here, my first thought was you got a book deal and were too busy to blog anymore. That little green guy is cute!

The waving arm is utter perfection. Makes me want to eat mashed potatoes.

The little alien makes me say "eeeee!" I love him. And if I saw you sobbing in Target I would happily join you and take you for cupcakes. My nephew (who I helped raise) started Kindergarten Monday. It's rough.

Love it! and it's so true, even extra terrestrials would have to love green jello of your variety...

OOOOOH I forgot to tell you, I used your lil bee/bicycle pattern to embroider a tea towel (actually it was a kitchen towel, but tea towel sounds more elegant) for my grandmother's birthday. It's a lil lopsided because it's been a while since I've made any forays into the stitchery territory, but I still loved how it turned out!! I'll post a photo later so you see. :) Thanks again for those patterns!! My next project is embroidering a whole set of cloth napkins with the lil gnomes.

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