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July 09, 2009


When I turned six I was convinced that I had to memorize that poem and recite it at my birthday party. My parents thought it was cute, but a little weird.
Congratulations on the big milestone for your little guy.

Happy birthday six year old. I think every year feels like an invisisble hump!

Happy birthday to your little man!:) Now We Are Six is a great book and absolutely not weird at all. Can't wait to see the cake! :)

Good luck and Happy birthday to your new six year old.

My son just turned six in April and I know exactly what you mean ~ where did this big boy come from. Before I know it there will be a 10 year old standing there!

Happy to your son! I can not believe our boys share a birth date.

Good luck with the cake, can not wait to see it!

Oh, I keep meaning to tell you how much I love that I don't have to type a code to leave a comment on your blog. Much thanks!

Happy Birthday to your 6-year-old! I think the book is sweet and appropriate.

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.

Happy birthday to your sweet boy ~
I can't wait to see all your party goodies. (we have #8 in November & love your party ideas!!)

Happy birthday little chap. I think that's a great present - I love A A Milne. Good luck with the cake!

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