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June 24, 2009


So excited!

i heart facebook. I think the need to appear cool is just a normal reaction to 'publicity' plus I think you are cool.

I'm in on the host..I actually have that book but never read it. (someone bought it for me thinking it was a twilight series...thoughtful but wronG!)

i have a love/hate relationship with FB. i love that i have been able to reconnect with people i regret losing contact with. i love that it's fast and easy. i hate that it sometimes feels like a popularity contest, i felt that way about myspace too. but, for me, the benefits outweigh the bug-me factor.

man, you have a lot of tracys that read your blog. :)

I like facebook. so far. I like the reconnection with people that I lost. I don't like the reconnection with people I never wanted to reconnect with. And the fact that I have that type of push pull makes me realize that I probably have friends on facebook that don't like me. And then it becomes high school again, and I don't like that. But oh well. I just block those people from stuff in my profile. hahaha

I can't bring myself to do facebook. I guess I'm just a person who likes to fly under the radar a bit... I figure, I'm pretty much in touch with anyone I really want to be in touch with.
I might read The Host with you. I got it for my (Twilight-series-reading) hubby for father's day and he doesn't seem impressed.

You are a stronger woman than I. I joined facebook this fall... for about 12 hours. Then I cancelled my account. Way too overwhelming for me. Constant stream of friend requests from people from high school I really didn't even know... bizarre... I'm with Tracy, I guess I like my privacy. I keep in contact with my good friends from high school and college so why do I need to know what everyone else is doing, or let them know what I'm doing for that matter.

Count me in on the book club. I'm curious to see how I'll like The Host and I've been wanting to read Everything that Rises must Converge since seeing it on the finale of Lost.

Anti-Facebook. Those aren't real friendships anyway. Can I call on one of those people if I, say, needed a ride to the airport?

The Flannery book is gorgeous. Did you know she used to own a backward-walking chicken? When she was six. True story. She was in the newspaper for it.

I love Facebook but I have to say most of the people I interact with on it are craft bloggers I know. When I first got on there I did find some friends from elementary and high school. And, it was weird to see them now, looking old...I mean older and with kids. I'm addicted to the farm Town game and I like all the stupid quizzes. And, I just signed up to do a Pay It Forward craft giveaway. So I do like Facebook. Ok, I will shut up now.

Oooh - I can't do the July book - although I'd like too - but maybe I can get my act together for August.

I am totally in for the O'Conner book. I looked at The Host book and I got creeped out. I'll stick to Stephanie Meyers feeding mr love sick vamps. I am such a wussy.

I'm in on the book club, and looking forward to Edward's visit!! :)

Have you started The Host yet, or are you actually waiting until July?

Friend me on facebook please! Because you're way cool, and I will be cool by association. ;P I'm on facebook under "Sarah Eliza" so you should be able to find me pretty easy... Eliza isn't common as a last name ha.

I like Facebook okay. There's that push-pull thing, and I don't like that, but since few of my close friends and family have their own blogs, it's a nice way for me to find out what people are up to. I will admit that I'm barely on it at all; it's more one of those things that I take advantage of when it suits me. Nice when I'm wondering what one of my friends that I haven't heard from in awhile is up to, or if I have some time I want to kill (hah!) on one of the games.
I can definitely see why some people don't like it though.

ye, i heart facebook. I think the need to appear cool is just a normal reaction to 'publicity' plus I think you are cool.

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