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June 07, 2009


Oh, my heavens, the blue tulip fabric! I have that! I bought it for the feel of the fabric, rather than the motif (the stuff I bought reminded me of cross-stitch fabric, only tighter) and then kept it for years, not sure what to use it for. One day I was looking through my stash for nice fabric for a dress for my little daughter. She saw the blue tulips and fell in love. I made a very pretty little dress for her that she wore for years until I took it away. She was broken-hearted when I told her she couldn't wear it anymore - it was too old, too stained, TOO SMALL. It is now put away with her other special outfits (the dress she wore home from the hostpital, etc.)

The transfers came out of workbasket magazines. I have a stack of magazines with transfers like that still in them, and most of them date to the 50s & 60s. Workbasket was still published well into the 80s at least, but I have no idea if they still had transfers then or what they looked like!

The free vintage patterns for FREE brought a tear to my eye. Loooove them!

Everything else is fantastic as well.

That Chinese man patch is too bizarre! Trying to think of a scenario in which a patch like that is required... oh yes, on a tote bag for my old boss. His favorite joke was, "How does an Oriental know when it's time to visit the dentist? Tooth-hurty." (That's 2:30 spoken with a Chinese accent.) He told this joke incessantly after hearing I used to live in Hong Kong. Charming.

I love all of those days of the week kitchen towel transfers. I love the idea that a different vegetable (or animal or whatever) is required for each day.

What the hell is that puppet/peter pan/Pinocchio/evildoer/Clockwork Orange clown?? Make him for Halloween!! I love, love the sideways cup. Methinks Disney stole that!

I have seen vintage patterns scanned and offered for free on Flickr. They give the publisher due, and I think the age makes it okay.

WOW! You certainly do find some great treasures. My mother-in-law must have used some of those transfers, because we have a few hand-towels with the cup and saucer, fork, knife and spoon embroidered on them. I believe she made them in the 70's. Sooooooo cute!

I love those clothespin garlands! How adorable.
I love church rummage sales, but I never pay enough attention to be able to find them.

Those transfers are awesome! I love them all! But I agree with Visty: that Pinocchio looking puppet thing is downright creepy.

I stitched up your lemonade escape design onto a tea towel. I need to take photos and post, which I hope to do tomorrow.

a little people trike??? color me jealous.

what's up with the triangled eyed patches? and not just one, but two?? wouldn't you love to know the story behind the original purchase.

oh man those clotheslines!!!! Adorable!

The snail patch!!! awesome.

respect the thrift indeed

Nice! I love the eggplants. Is that what they are? Who knows, but they are cute. And polaroid! Nice!

Even those crinkly old envelopes are fabulous. Congrats on the serious haul. I love that you put the ugly patches for us to see too - it's half the fun!

Oh my gosh! You rock on the good finds! I remember those transfers when I was a kid. My mom had a stack of them that I used to pick through. I have dish towels that I'm needing to embroider. I'm jealous! I love that turtle patch. Great finds!!!

Wow. I, too look around nervously when I find something great. I am always scared when walking over to a find, that someone will beat me to it! Great, great stuff! And I am so with you on trying to explain it to people.

I would love to find a polaroid. Such a shame that it's difficult to get film for them nowadays. You're right that so few people 'get' it when you rave about thrifting. I love a good bargain!

All this goodness came to you because you RESPECT THE THRIFT!

I can not believe those transfers. You are the perfect person to find those. I think it's fine to scan and share. I think there are tons of Flickr groups that do just that.

Rummage sales are the best treasure hunts ever.

Oh my WORD!! Sooo jealous, those are seriously amazing finds. And I love that your kids have caught the thrift store / yard sale bug too!!

Please please post scans of the transfers! I would totally add adorable puppets and kittens to my (still not yet started) embroidered napkin collection...

OOOOHHHH! Those transfers! I would've been squealing with delight if I had found those! they're wonderful! I totally respect the thrift! You should start a club!

I love the Little People! I used to play with those when I was a kid all the time. I wish I still had some, they'd be awfully cute on my shelves with some of my embroidery!

Those little clothes made me squeal. You made out pretty well at thrift store! I know that posting Vogart patterns is a no no -- someone had posted some on Flickr and apparently, Plaid asked Flickr to remove them. Vogart is now owned by Plaid --the makers of Mod Podge -- so they own the copyright on the patterns. (I'm still waiting for them to answer my emails and letter about the whole thing but that's another story.) Aunt Martha is still in business so no one posts their stuff. I think Workbasket patterns are ok to share. You should ask Floresita of the Vintage Transfer Finds blog and also Feeling Stitchy blog. She used to moderate Hoop Love on Flicker (group for vintage transfers ) and will probably know.

What a score. I never see little people anymore. Not that I NEED more...
I love the transfers. I know what you mean though. When you walk over to the craft table at the rummage sale and you see brittle yellowed envelopes. Your pulse quickens. You try to make it over there quickly without drawing attention to yourself. You know you have found something good... Old patterns, transfers, workbasket magazines. It doesn't matter. You want them.

Love the transfer find. I don't have the fist one, but I have the other 3tucked away in things I inherited from my Grandmother.

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