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May 25, 2009


WOW that house is GREAT! You got some fabulous deals! I love church rummage sales best, mainly because I find great linens and sewing items.
I haven't had a garage sale in years. Yes, you do get some obnoxious people, but you just have to be firm with them. You also have to watch out for those who try to walk off with things. I doubt I'd do one again - if I thought I had anything that was worth a few bucks, I'd probably do ebay. Otherwise, I just donate.

Great finds! I love yard sale season too. I can't wait to go to some estate sales here in Denver. We don't seem to have such good estate sales in TN.

We have a yard sale about once every two years. You do get some oddballs, but I agree with Allie, just be firm. We always made a couple hundred bucks AND got rid of unwanted stuff. A win-win I say.

My grandmother has that fisher price house and we used to play with it when we were children. Now my kids play with it when they visit her. It is a wonderful toy, what a great find! I'm so jealous!

i just love your commentaries. i really enjoy the detail on the old fisher price toys, even if they do make girls trapped in walls.

the last time i hosted a garage sale i was shocked at the forthrightness of certain people, and their anger that we weren't 100% ready right at 7 am. but those people just need to chill. i saw go for it. you'll get some good stories at least.

what great finds! i had that house when i was little and was always a little freaked out by that little girl in the wall. thank you for validating my feelings :)

Great finds indeed! I love the house - although I think I would want a front door ;o) But when you have removable walls then I suppose a front door isn't so necessary!! I loved my Fisher Price toys as a child - particularly my little boat and the family dog!

Thank you,
i hope to get locked in a wall. it looks quiet.

I'm kind of not thrilled to ever have a garage sale, only because I don't much want to sit chained to my yard all day. But a bit o whacky is always interesting. I don't know about aggressive peeps, either, though.

I actually kinda like having yard sales. I don't mind being tough but I've never had overly rude people come and bug me. Although at least once someone tries to make some money by telling me I'm giving them the wrong change.

I had that fisher price house!! Good memories... :)

As for yard sales, my mom became something of an expert. Email me if you want me to give you all her tips over years of experience... I'm a fan of yard sales myself. The trick for dealing with people and pricing is to clearly label everything with what you want for it -- we never experienced anyone being too demanding when the prices were marked. Sure, some people will offer you less, but not aggressively... at least not in my experience.

We scraped our yard sale. More work and storage than I'm up for at the moment.

At one of our yard sales, this woman was all up in my face to buy something for 25 cents rather than 50 and I just told her flat out, "I do not need your quarter that bad."

Good luck and blog well after yours!

I have about 1 garage sale a year.

I'd say that if someone offering you less than you have marked would offend you, then don't do it. I personally am not offended. I either tell them yes or no.

In all the sales I've had, I have encountered maybe 2 rude people.

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