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April 06, 2009


well, the several times the tooth fairy fell asleep early and forgot to come, she made up for it the next night with a five dollar bill, because even she feels mommy guilt. but the times she didn't forget, it was $2, all in quarters.

Our tooth fairy is old fashioned and gives out a single quarter... and the kids are still thrilled!

Our tooth fairy leaves a gold dollar coin. The tooth fairy has also found it helpful to keep extra of these around so they aren't driving around to the grocery stores at 10pm at night looking for one. Growing up fast...yeah. I am reminded of that daily. Mine just figured out the Easter Bunny and the whole "shamrock scam" this year. I'm fearing Santa is next! Sniff, sniff. Next it's off to college!!!

Our tooth fairy (whose name is Dentina, and we know this because my son wrote her a letter last time he lost a tooth and she wrote back!) leaves $1 for most teeth, but $2 for those large front teeth that are such a pain to have loose. Mine are growing up too fast too, their bodies are lankier, they stand taller and they can do so much more. It happens overnight, doesn't it? And I don't know if my heart hurts because I'm proud of who they're becoming or because I'm so sad that they have gotten big this quickly. Sigh.

ah, what a familiar sight! my little guy lost his first tooth on sunday. he actually let me pull it out - it is so stinkin' fun pulling out teeth! being the adorable boy that he is, he put the tooth in a ziploc baggie, put it under his pillow in the middle of the day, and reminded me constantly until he went to bed that his tooth was under his pillow. he got a buck, but the next day he told me he knew it was me and not the tooth fairy who left him money because it was an old dollar bill. apparently the tooth fairy goes directly to the "money making place" to get new dollar bills. now i know :)

The tooth fairy leaves my children gold dollar coins. We have a house fairy living in our house. She has a little door in our family room; when that door appeared, that was how we knew a fairy had moved in. When the tooth fairy visits one of my children, she has a sleepover with our house fairy. Apparently they are good buddies.

Our male tooth fairy is quite the pushover since the girl started losing her teeth. It was a dollar for the boy but when the girl come along, the first tooth the fairy forgot so it was a day late (lol) and the five -dollar-per tooth deal got started.

BUT~ "our" tooth fairy won't show up unless their room is clean. Completely clean. She'll leave notes reminding them what they missed if they don't get it done ;o) Cause she'll fall down if they don't. (She walks inside because you don't use your wings in the house- doncha know? ;o)

We have lost many teeth in this house recently...I have daughters who are 7 years old. It is funny how traditions can get started. Here the kids get $1 for each tooth. The tooth fairy pillows I made (very simple- from felt) have a tooth pocket and a pocket for a note. Each time the tooth fairy leaves a simple poem. Something silly like:
I found a tooth tonight,
It is so cute and white.
I took it, Honey,
But left some money!
Brush and keep that smile bright.
(It's hard work to write poems at midnight!).
Enjoy the magic of childhood!

Oh my Anne, Ruby lost her first tooth last week too (with a little help from the dentist at her regular checkup!). She boldly told me that some children in her school were getting $20 for a tooth (!) Nice try. Our tooth fairy left a little note and $1.

Our tooth fairy leaves $2 bills. good for you, not making a fancy tooth pillow. I made one for my niece but my boys have to settle for a Ziploc bag.

I reread my comment and thought to clarify something (lol)- our actual "tooth fairy" isn't a male, I was referring to Dad being a pushover with the girl ;) our fairy is a girl, LOL!!

My B swallowed his first lost tooth!! He was very upset and worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come to him. But she wrote him a letter and left a Toonie under his pillow because, after all, a lost tooth is a lost tooth! (and the toonie, because, well, first teeth are special). All teeth after the first (he is careful not to swallow them now!) have earned a quarter or two. Our tooth fairy is kind of old fashioned and likes to argue with B's Nan that B's Mom didn't get loads of cash for her teeth and neither will B! The tooth fairy has to be consistent, doesn't she? ;)

My daughter lost her first tooth last week. Literally. The tooth fairy went for volume and left her a handful of coins. She loved counting them. Ended up being about $4.

Our tooth fairy has 'competition' from the fairies which visit my daughter's friends. Apparently one of them was getting £10 per tooth! In our house you get £1 for a little tooth and £2 for a bigger one, though you have to put up with the tooth fairy being a touch forgetful!

I know this reply's too late (yeah, 2 years late). I've been reading stuff about the tooth fairy in some blogs. That's how I landed here. I've read that there was a kid who got 10 dollars for a tooth. I still can't think of how the kid's going to react. Maybe he'll be a lot more eager to have all of his teeth removed. Haha! Kidding aside, to answer your question, I'd leave a dollar or two for a tooth.

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