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November 24, 2008


so cuuute!

This series of embroidery books is just wonderful, isn't it? So much good stuff!

I think I will be ready for Thanksgiving--did my shopping today and will start the cooking tomorrow...

no, I didn't! What Sarah Palin video from the turkey farm!?

I love these books...slightly addicted. lol I now have this one on my Christmas wishlist.

That woman is insane. "Oh I didn't know I was standing in front of the big bloody machine that snaps the turkey's neck." I mean, we all know that turkeys die at our hands before we eat them and from what I've heard that machine is the most "humane" (quick) way to do the job. I'm not like offended or anything. What I flabbergasted at the level of stupid. I quote my beloved Deep House Dish..."Girl you just found a crawlspace underneath your all time low." :)

Good God do we have a lot to be thankful for this year or what? lol

XO Happy Thanksgiving!!

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