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November 30, 2008


I like the thought of you having your mom's sewing machine and being connected through it. You've done your mom, and the machine, proud with this beautiful advent calendar! You kids are going to love it too!

This is the week I send out 3 packages that I owe in blogville and you are one of them!
:) Tracey

It looks wonderful. "Seams" you do lovely work with a sewing machine. I know, cheesy, but I love puns. What are you going to put in the pockets? Candy, small toys, figures? Just curious. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the creative inspiration. Best,

I think it's cute!

I love the calendar and, as someone who truly can not sew, I am mightily impressed!

I'm new to your blog, but that calendar is AMAZING! You did a great job!!

FABULOUS! AMAZING! AWESOME! I this Anne, truly gorgeous. Love the fabric, the ribbon and the embroidery. Especially no 1 - what a cutie! I'm flattered you felt inspired, but you really made it your own. Just perfect.

Mmme, that should say I love this Anne. (in case there was any doubt!)

That turned out gorgeous. You will treasure it forever. I love how you felt connected to your mom while you made it. Lovely.

Oh, and yes, I have noticed that lighting never works in my favor!

It turned out beautiful. Your embroidery looks amazing and your sewing skills are dang good too.

I feel the same way about knitting and my Gramma as you do sewing and your Mom. I kick myself for not learning from her because now, all I want to do is learn how to knit. Oh well. Such is life. What will out kids take from us that we won't know about?

it's beautiful! i adore all the little details!

That is absolutely lovely! I get the whole new-to-sewing thing... I am teaching myself and loving it, although the results are sketchy sometimes. Some days, I'm just proud to know how to replace the bobbin without having to consult the manual.

You did such a wonderful job on it. I wish I had the motivation to make one...but it wouldn't be ready til next year. How did you do it so fast!!

Well, okay. send it to us.

That is darn cute! Great job on it! I am really enjoying your blog and the attractive new banner!

Wow! I'd just decided to not do an Advent calendar this year, but you'll be able to make a second way for the giveaway riiiight?

More motivation for me to learn to sew...

totally awesome...Per usual. I love the embroidery.

Nice work! It turned out really well!

Wow, that couldn't be better. So simple and plain and detailed all at the same time. I love the colors!

Ack! This is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. Have a store bought xmas tree one that I remade all the little ornaments for, but it's not nearly so nice. Although I can never think of what to put in each little pouch of your kind...

This is just the thing I tell myself I want to make every year, but don't. Well done. It's a beauty!!!

And I'm getting all sniffly over the connection to your mom's machine. That's pretty sweet.

I'm in love with your advent calendar! It's perfect!

i've been staring at this calendar since monday morning - i suppose it's time for a comment.


that is so perfect. those little soldiers are so so great.

i love your stories of you mom. they help me understand you more, both in the way you recollect and the tone/feel of those recollections. i'm glad you share but hope that it isn't (too) painful. i'm glad you got that sewing machine back in your hands. that's good. real good.

Holy Moly. Your stitching is unbelievable! I found you through the giveaway, but I'll be checking back often. So inspiring!

Oh, I love this, Anne. And I love that you stayed up late to work on it. And I love the kitty #14. So cute!

I really like your advent calendar!

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