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October 08, 2008


Awesome; Naughty Monkey shoes??? I'm happy she's not wearing $300-400 shoes like Ma Obama, but I still think it's weird to care about these little details, but I do! They're the only fun part of the elections.

my distractions? Today it was making apple pie, knitting on my sweater, watching the kids make a fort, and connecting with high school friends. Tomorrow? We'll see what the day brings - the kids are on break so we're enjoying just being.

I am always amazed by US elections - they spend so much money that I find it quite offensive (hey we are not perfect here in the UK but at least they are only allowed to campaign for a small number of weeks before the election), so I get easily distracted from all things political quite quickly....yestereday's distractions - work (ugh), knitting group and a run! Today's - more work!!

My distractions are knitting and watching Nipper experiment with the play dough!

i agree about the debate. is all that walking around the stage a new thing? so uncomfortably awkward for every one involved.

i can't think of anything specific that's been distracting me lately. i've just been trying really hard to not focus on anything, like i'm hopped up on sudafed, but i'm not. geez, that makes no sense. i guess it's just easier to focus on nothing that deal with reality lately.

(i'm sorry for this weirdo comment.)

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