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August 19, 2008


I find the juice of one lime to be the "key" to yummy salsa.

But I'm too lazy to blanch and peel tomatoes very often. Please tell me you skipped this step and it still was as good (that would lead to a lot more salsa making around here).

I was just going to say lime. I also add garlic because I add it to everything.

I can't eat raw tomatoes anymore (I think I am allergic now) and looking at your photo is making me sad. :(

That salsa looks so good and I love the simple, fresh ingredients recipe. I have a craving to make some now :)

My daughter and I saw these and thought they might be fun for her birthday party coming up. I'm not sure what pineapple topping is, though.

I'm with the's gotta have lime. I also really love to add fresh corn right off the cob. I'm hungry. I can totally eat a whole bowl of it. And I don't really like salsa. I guess it's more like Pico de Gallo (sp?) when I make it.

That banana split on a stick looks like something I'm going to make on friday to celebrate some of the last days of summer vacation!

Oh wow - I want that banana split on a stick right now!!

I always put garlic in my salsa, but I'm a garlic fiend. I made salsa the last two weekends, but forgot to put cilantro in the last one. And I still haven't.

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